'Tis almost the season of giving, and at Rare Birds Clothing, we're embracing the joy of the holidays with a special focus on neurodivergent-friendly gifts. This curated holiday shopping guide is designed to ensure that every gift you give reflects the spirit of inclusivity and thoughtfulness. Join us on this journey of celebration, where everyone on your list feels seen and cherished.

Sensory-Friendly Apparel:

The perfect gift goes beyond just aesthetics—it touches the senses and resonates with the individual. Our selection of sensory-friendly apparel aims to provide comfort and style for neurodivergent loved ones. From cosy hoodies made of soft, tactile fabrics to adaptable clothing that caters to various sensory preferences, these items ensure that fashion is an expression of comfort.

Gift Ideas:

Everyday Hoodies: Combining warmth with sensory-friendly features, our Everyday Hoodie made from SnugLite fabric is renowned for being soft at the touch and for its durability. The wide neck combined with the soft seams and lack of labels guarantees comfort in every movement. While the deep pockets, thumbholes, and chewy toggles help regulate the sensory system. Our Kids' version features our game-changing magnetic zips, which make self-dressing a simple & stress-free experience, giving your child a great sense of achievement. On the inside, the zip placket ensures that any zip seams cause no discomfort while the zipper tab doubles as a fidget. The lack of labels and flat seams all around also help reduce any irritation or stress.


Sensory Weighted Blanket: This sensory-friendly weighted blanket for adults is designed to soothe and relieve stress. Crafted with thoughtful design, this blanket is tailored to provide a calming and stress-relieving experience. The soft polyester filling envelopes encased glass beads, delivering a comforting 4.5kg of gentle pressure, instantly creating a cozy cocoon. Ideal for winter, this blanket not only offers warmth but also a sense of security, making it a thoughtful and practical present for those who appreciate sensory support. Give the gift of comfort and relaxation, embracing the unique needs of neurodivergent individuals with this carefully curated weighted blanket.


Sensory Weighted Eye Mask:  Crafted to provide solace from stress, anxiety, and migraine pain, this eye mask features soft polyester wadding that securely encases glass beads, delivering a gentle and relaxing pressure to the eye area. The autism-friendly design is a game-changer, offering a dual experience with one side boasting the cool, soothing properties of cotton, and the other enveloping you in warmth with its soft plush fabric. Elevate your relaxation routine and improve the way you wind down with the assistance of this specially designed weighted eye mask, a perfect addition to self-care rituals tailored for the neurodivergent community making it a perfect gift this season.


Dream Seam Socks: Tailored for neurodivergent individuals, discover the perfect blend of comfort and support with our sensory-friendly socks. Crafted from a mix of bamboo, polyester, and elastane, these socks redefine coziness, offering a soft and stretchy feel that caters to unique sensory needs. Designed with utmost consideration, these sensory-friendly socks feature flat seams and the absence of labels, ensuring an effortlessly comfortable wearing experience without causing irritation or stress. Every pair provides a gentle embrace to the feet while effectively wicking away moisture, guaranteeing unparalleled comfort throughout the day, making it the perfect gift to keep feet warm and cosy this season.


Everyday Joggers: The epitome of comfort and style - the Everyday Joggers. These sensory-friendly joggers redefine relaxation with their perfect blend of style and functionality, ideal for both lounging at home and stepping out. Crafted from ThermoSoft fabric, these joggers offer an ultra-soft touch while regulating body heat, ensuring year-round comfort. Purposefully designed for the neurodivergent community, these autism-friendly joggers come with no labels, flat seams, and deep pockets for an extra layer of comfort and security. Uncover the joy of wearing joggers tailored to the unique needs of neurodivergent individuals, combining style and sensory support in perfect harmony.


    Wrapping it Up: Tips on Sensory-Friendly Gift Wrapping:

    The presentation is as important as the gift itself. Elevate the unwrapping experience with sensory-friendly gift wrapping that adds an extra layer of joy.


    Soft Fabrics as Wrapping Material: Opt for soft, tactile materials like fabric or felt for a comforting touch.

    Calming Colors: Choose wrapping paper in calming hues, aligning with sensory-friendly color considerations.

    Include a Personalized Note: Share a heartfelt message, reinforcing the thoughtfulness behind the gift.

    This holiday season, let your gifts speak volumes of love, understanding, and inclusion. At Rare Birds Clothing, we believe that every present should be a reflection of the recipient's uniqueness, celebrating diversity in all its forms. May your holiday celebrations be filled with joy, warmth, and the knowledge that your gifts have made a difference in the lives of your neurodivergent loved ones.

    November 29, 2023 — Christabel Asante