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FlexSoft blends the softness of Organic Cotton with the stretchiness of Elastane to create a fabric that maintains its shape with ease while being gentle on the skin. Made from a fabric blend of 86% organic cotton and 14% elastane. 

Great on the skin - This fabric feels soft to the touch and is perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

Stretchy - Enjoy the original shape and fit even after days of use thanks to the stretchiness given by the elastane.

Wrinkle resistant - No amount of washing will bring wrinkles to your clothes thanks to the quality of this fabric.

Durable & Lightweight - Made to remain light while also withstanding frequent wearing and washing.

    Washing Care Instructions
    • Machine wash on a gentle cycle at 30/40 max degrees.
    • Cooler wash help prevent shrinkage, fading and damage, and more eco friendly.
    • Use a normal or mild washing detergent.
    • Fabric Softener is unnecessary, but can be used.
    • Wash inside out.
    • Do not use bleaching agents.
    • Wash with similar colours.
    • Ideally lay flat to dry or hang.
    • Do not tumble dry.
    • If necessary, iron on medium to low heat.
    Washing & Care Instructions